Purchasing Department

Pneumatic fitting

The reliability of MB Pneumatyka is based on the efficient management of logistics processes. This task is performed by our logistics department, which ensures the perfect functioning of the entire system. Thanks to their experience in coordinating supply chains, the pneumatic connectors we create reach our customers without any delays

Andrzej Dziwis

My career has always been around Purchasing. My main task at MB Pneumatyka as a supply chain manager is to organize all the deliveries with best possible terms. I always make sure that deliveries are made on time and with expected quantities. I follow the rule to expect the unexpected and nothing will surprise you. This approach helps me optimize the amount of stress in life. After hours I love travelling, especially in mountain areas. I feel constant hunger for new places and events, which drives me to act and look for new directions of personal development and my future travels.

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Supply Chain Manager


Phone +48 539 033 340

I've been gaining experience in trade since 2018. At MB Pneumatyka, I am responsible for supply, both for the production department, as well as for the office and warehouse. My task is to secure the materials so that the company's equipment is always complete. I like to spend my private time in the world of computer games and electronics. I adhere to the principle that there are no impossible things - they are only difficult to do. And this is what I am guided by both in my private and professional life.

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Purchasing Specialist


Phone +48 539 011 664

Mateusz Cymbalista