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1. This privacy policy of the Website of MB Pneumatyka Sp. z o.o. is informative, which means that it is not a source of obligations for Service Recipients or Customers. The privacy policy contains primarily rules for the processing of personal data by MB Pneumatyka Spółka z o.o., including the basics, purposes and scope of personal data processing and the rights of data subjects, as well as information on the use of cookies on the website.

2. The administrator of personal data collected via website is MB-Pneumatyka Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Sulechów at ul. Rozwojowa 5, National Register of Court: 0000089698. The Administrator can be contacted in writing, by traditional mail, to the following address: ul. Rozwojowa 5, 66-100 Sulechów or by e-mail at the following address: [email protected] or by telephone on +48 419 03 49. The administrator is hereinafter referred to as the Company.

3. Contact details of the data protection officer appointed by the company: Rafał Wielgus, e-mail: [email protected]

4. Personal data on the website are processed by the Company in accordance with applicable law, in particular in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) - hereinafter referred to as "GDPR" or "GDPR Regulation". The official text of the GDPR Regulation:

5. Using the Website is voluntary. Similarly, providing personal data associated with this is voluntary.

6. The company uses special diligence to protect the interests of persons to whom the personal data processed by it relates, and in particular is responsible and ensures that the data collected by it are:

- processed in accordance with the law;

- collected for specified, lawful purposes and not subjected to further processing incompatible with those purposes;

- substantively correct and adequate in relation to the purposes for which they are processed;

- stored in a form that permits identification of the persons to whom they relate, for no longer than is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing, and

- processed in a manner that ensures adequate security of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage, by appropriate technical or organizational measures.

7. Taking into account the nature, scope, context and purposes of processing, as well as the risk of violation of the rights or freedom of  persons of various probability and severity of threat, the Company implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to process it in accordance with this Regulation and to be able to demonstrate it. These measures shall be reviewed and updated as necessary. The company uses technical measures to prevent unauthorized persons from obtaining and modifying personal data sent electronically.



1.1. The company is entitled to process personal data in cases where - and to the extent that - at least one of the following conditions is met:

- the data subject has consented to the processing of his personal data for one or more specific purposes;

- processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or to take action at the request of the data subject before the conclusion of the contract;

- processing is necessary to fulfill the legal obligation incumbent on the Administrator;

- processing is necessary for purposes arising from legitimate interests pursued by the Company or by a third party, except for situations where the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, which require personal data protection, in particular, prevail over these interests when the data subject is a child.

1.2. The processing of personal data by the Company requires at least one of the grounds indicated in point 1.1 privacy policy. The specific grounds for the processing of personal data of Website Users and Customers by the Company are indicated in the next section of the privacy policy - in relation to the given purpose of processing personal data by the Company.


2.1. Personal data that will be processed:

•          first name and last name;

•          Phone number;

•          e-mail address;

•           IP.

2.2. Each time the purpose, basis and period as well as the recipients of personal data processed by the Company result from the actions taken by the given Customer on the Website or by the Company.

2.3. The Company may process personal data as part of the Website for the following purposes, on the basis and during the periods indicated in the table below:


Purpose of data processing


Legal basis for data processing. 


Data storage period


Direct marketing 


Article 6 para. 1 letter f) GDPR Regulations (legitimate interest of the Company) - processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of the Company - consisting of taking care of the interests and good image of the Company, its website and the desire to sell products


The data is stored for the duration of the legitimate interest pursued by the Company, but no longer than for the period of limitation of the Company's claims against the data subject in respect of the Company's business activities. The limitation period is determined by law, in particular the Civil Code (the basic limitation period for claims related to business operations is three years, and two years for the Sales Agreement).

The company may not process data for direct marketing purposes if the data subject has successfully objected to it.



 Article 6 para. 1 letter a) GDPR Regulation (consent) - the data subject has consented to the processing of his personal data in order to receive information about new products and promotions by the Company

 The data is stored until the data subject withdraws his consent for further processing of his data for this purpose.

Determining, investigating or defending claims that the Company may raise or which may be raised against the Company

Article 6 para. 1 lietter f) GDPR Regulations (legitimate interest of the Company) - processing is necessary for purposes resulting from the legitimate interests of the Company - consisting in establishing, pursuing or defending claims that the Company may raise or which may be raised against the Company

The data is stored for the duration of the legitimate interest pursued by the Company, but no longer than for the limitation period for claims that may be raised against the Company (the basic limitation period for claims against the Company is six years).

Conducting communication initiated through the contact form.

The legitimate interests of the Company, such as: defense, determination and pursuit of claims related to correspondence between you and the Company.

During the conversation and after the conversation for the period necessary to answer the question / message in the event of such necessity.



3.1. For the proper functioning of the Website, including for the implementation of Sales Agreements, it is necessary for the Company to use the services of external entities (such as e.g. a software supplier, courier or payment processing entity). The company uses only the services of such processing entities that provide sufficient guarantees for the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures, so that the processing meets the requirements of the GDPR Regulation and protects the rights of data subjects.

3.2. The transfer of data by the Company does not occur in every case and not to all recipients or categories of recipients indicated in the privacy policy - the Company transfers data only when it is necessary to achieve a given purpose of personal data processing and only to the extent necessary to achieve it. For example, if the customer uses personal pickup, his data will not be transferred to the carrier cooperating with the company.

3.3. The personal data of the Website Users and Customers may be transferred to the following recipients or categories of recipients:

• providers of accounting, legal and advisory services providing the Administrator with accounting, legal or advisory support (in particular an accounting office, law firm or debt collection company) - the Company provides the Customer's collected personal data to the selected supplier acting on his behalf only in the case and to the extent necessary to implement a given purpose of data processing in accordance with this privacy policy.


4.1. The processed personal data will be processed in order to present advertisements, offers or promotions (discounts) regarding products or services, including as part of automated processing of personal data (profiling), in a manner adapted to the interests of the given Customer (without significantly affecting his decisions) .


5.1. Right of access, rectification, limitation, deletion or transfer - the data subject has the right to request from the Company access to his personal data, rectification, deletion ("right to be forgotten") or restriction of processing and has the right to object to processing, and also has the right to transfer his data. Detailed conditions for exercising the abovementioned rights are indicated in art. 15-21 of the GDPR Regulation.

5.2. The right to withdraw consent at any time - a person whose data is processed by the Company on the basis of expressed consent (pursuant to art.6 par.1 letter a), he has the right to withdraw consent at any time without affecting legal compliance processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

5.3. The right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body - a person whose data is processed by the Company has the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body in the manner and manner specified in the provisions of the GDPR and Polish law, in particular the Personal Data Protection Act. The supervisory body in Poland is the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

5.4. Right to object - the data subject has the right to object at any time - for reasons related to his particular situation - to the processing of personal data concerning him based on art. 6 para. 1 letter e) (public interest or tasks) or f) (legitimate interest of the Company), including profiling based on these provisions. In such a case, the administrator may no longer process this personal data, unless he demonstrates the existence of valid legitimate grounds for processing, superior to the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject, or grounds for establishing, investigating or defending claims.

5.5. Right to object to direct marketing - if personal data are processed for the purposes of direct marketing, the data subject has the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning him for the purposes of such marketing at any time in the scope in which the processing is related to such direct marketing.

5.6. In order to exercise the rights referred to in this point of the privacy policy, you can contact the Company by sending an appropriate message in writing or by e-mail to the address of the Company indicated at the beginning of the privacy policy or by e-mail to [email protected]


6.1. We also process your data in the field of monitoring facilities belonging to us in order to secure the justified interest of the Administrator in the protection and security of property and persons staying in the Administrator's field facilities, as well as ensuring public order. The company uses the monitoring of the object of our company for the period necessary to protect people and property to ensure the safety and security of persons staying on the premises of the company and property belonging to the company and third parties, no longer than 3 months, unless the material from the recording will be used in proceedings to protect the rights and interests of persons until the final termination of the proceedings.


7.1. The company does not transfer data to third countries.


8.1. Our website uses plugins provided by Facebook.

8.2. By displaying our website containing such a plug-in, your browser will establish a direct connection to the servers of social network administrators (service providers). The content of the plugin is transmitted by the respective service provider directly to your browser and integrated with the website. Thanks to this integration, service providers receive information that your browser has viewed our website, even if you do not have a profile with a given service provider or are not currently logged in to it. This information (along with your IP address) is sent by your browser directly to the server of the given service provider (some servers are located in the USA) and stored there.

8.3. If you have logged in to one of the social networking sites, then this service provider will be able to directly assign a visit to our website to your profile on the given social networking site.

8.4. If you use a given plug-in, e.g. by clicking the "Like" or "Share" button, the relevant information will also be sent directly to the server of the given service provider and stored there.

8.5. The purpose and scope of data collection and their further processing and use by the social networking site, as well as the possibility of contact and your rights in this regard and the possibility of making settings to protect your privacy are described in the privacy policy of the social network - Facebook - https://www.facebook .com / legal / FB_Work_Privacy.

8.6. If you do not want social networks to assign data collected during visits to our website directly to your profile on a given website, then before visiting our website you must log out of this website. You can also completely prevent the plugins from loading on the page using the appropriate extensions for your browser, e.g. script blocking.


9.1. The Website may contain links to other websites. The company urges that after switching to other websites, read the privacy policy established there. This privacy policy applies only to the Company's Website.



1.1. For our website to function properly when you visit it, we use a technology known as 'cookies'. These are small files that we send to your computer and we can refer to them later. They can be session or persistent cookies (session or persistent cookies) and can use technologies such as JavaSript or Flash. Cookies help us make your stay as smooth and personal as possible. They show us what all users do on our site, and this helps us improve the comfort of its use. Detailed information about Cookies as well as the history of their creation can be found, among others here:

1.2. Cookies used by the Company:

• remember login details;

• ensure security when you are logged in;

• ensure website consistency;

• improve site performance, reducing load time;

• increase the comfort of use;

• enable sharing and liking of materials on other websites.

1.3. By default, most web browsers available on the market accept saving cookies by default. Everyone has the ability to specify the conditions for the use of cookies using their own web browser settings. This means that you can e.g. partially limit (e.g. temporarily) or completely disable the option of saving cookies - in the latter case, however, this may affect some of the Website's functionalities.

1.4. We only use cookies with your consent. In order to consent to the sending and use of cookies by us, make appropriate changes in the settings of the web browser you use, or leave them at the default level that allows data processing. To make changes, follow the instructions that you will find by clicking the "Help" button in your browser's menu.

1.5. Cookies are used to improve the quality of services provided, for example:

• they enable your computer to be recognized so that you do not have to enter the same data several times during one task;

• check how many people use the services to facilitate their use and ensure sufficient capacity and speed of the site;

• analyze data that enables us to learn how to use online administrative services so that we can improve them.

1.6. We ask you to make your decision on consent to the sending and use of cookies immediately after entering our website.

1.7. The web browser settings for cookies are important from the point of view of consent to the use of cookies by our online store - in accordance with the law, such consent may also be expressed through the web browser settings. In the absence of such consent, you must change your web browser settings in the field of cookies.

1.8. Detailed information on changing the settings for Cookies and their self-removal in the most popular web browsers are available in the help section of the web browser and on the following pages (just click on the link):

1.9. Cookies are stored for a specified period of time on your end device (permanent files with a storage time from 1 day to 2 years) and temporary files (session files with a storage time limited to leaving the website or restarting your web browser).