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Understanding the needs of our customers and partners is the first step on the way to creating products ideally suited to their requirements. MB Pneumatyka achieves this goal thanks to a team of experts who, based on their knowledge and experience in the field of pneumatic connectors, advise on the selection of the best solutions.

As a sales manager, I represent MB Pneumatyka in contacts with customers. I am an engineer with an enthusiastic attitude to work. Curious about the world and people, I am inquiring about the needs of our Business Partners. Privately, my passion is diving - I am fascinated by the possibility of exploring the underwater world.

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Sales Manager

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Marcin Kapała
Barbara Bałys

I am a graduate of public administration, but my professional life is related to trade. For over 5 years I have been working at MB Pneumatyka as a support specialist. I am a mother of Karol in school age, who makes me realize that nothing is impossible in life.

Barbara BałysKnows Poland

Sales Specialist

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Looking at my career path so far, I can say that nothing German is foreign to me. For over three decades I have been learning about the mentality and culture of our western neighbors. Thanks to my experience, I can reach customers faster and respond to their business needs in real time. In my free time, I develop my passion, which is shooting with sports pneumatic weapons. I am also the owner of two Maltese dogs that I love spending time with.

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Regional Sales Manager Deutschland

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Robert Zym