Pneumatic fitting
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We train managers in India!

Seeing the immense potential in India's development, we did not expect that by entering this market for business purposes, we would become so close to each other, and our business collaboration would turn into a true friendship.

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Commercial Vehicle Forum in Pune in India

We are proud to be able to create a new history together!

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Meeting again!

It was a meeting we were totally not expecting!

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Dinner in Exceptional Company!

After a whole day of intense trade fairs, we had the honor of attending a dinner in the company of remarkable individuals.

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Nampo Harvest Day in South Africa!

MB-Pneumatyka Sp. z o.o. is participating in the Nampo Harvest Day trade fair in South Africa!

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Friendship in Business

There is no doubt that a business built on strong connections becomes not only successful but also genuinely enjoyable.