MB-Pneumatyka specializes in the manufacturing of fittings for air brake systems for commercial vehicles, such as lorries, buses, trailers, and semitrailers. Consistent focus on development and engagement as well as work of the qualified personnel made the company become one of the five leading producers of this type of fittings in Europe within a few years from commencing business activity.

Qualified personnel

What singles MB-Pneumatyka out is the company's competent personnel. More than a half employees have higher technical education and the main design engineer in the Research and Development Department is an academic of the Zielonogórski University.

Know how

Many years of experience and the knowledge of the automotive industry let MB-Pneumatyka achieve the status of one of the leading European companies specializing in the manufacturing of fittings for air brake systems. The company's products are used in the majority of commercial vehicles made by Polish manufacturers.

Global range

The client base of the company includes global manufacturers of functional vehicles and air brake systems, as well as industrial centres using air-operated devices for process automation.

Family company

MB-Pneumatyka is a Polish family company with global range. It contributes to the creation of Polish brand in the international arena. Consistently working on its excellent reputation and winning trust of many clients, the company has achieved the status of one of the leading manufacturers of this type of fittings in this part of the world.

Our mission

Manufacturing parts guaranteeing vehicle safety on the road, MB-Pneumatyka makes every effort to ensure that the parts meet all the specific technical and quality requirements. Air brake system elements must be equally efficient in all climatic zones of the world. Therefore, the company aims to manufacture fittings that ensure safe driving from the Polar Circle to countries on the Equator.


All the activities undertaken since the company was founded have been motivated by the motto by Peter Drucker:


"The best method to predict the future is to create it."

Therefore, the fittings the company manufactures are designed in its engineering office. The production process bases on highly efficient cutting-edge technologies. The company focuses on designing highest quality innovative products, accuracy in production and thorough quality control, while developing its own resources at the same time.